The Wormhole

What do you guys want from me to record the physical disc debut of my band Fast Young Insomniacs.. 22 easy-as-fuck classics.. 11 original.. 11 country covers.. Double Gatefold LP.. Think Made In Japan, Frampton Comes Alive or Jimmy Buffett's seminal "You Had To Be There" .. I was roaming the streets with Savannah, jamming with Jeff on his Randall all night long in Sweet Melissa's basement.. That's the town where I friggin' BECAME Budda Holly... Help me out.. I will give you a shoutout on the album cover and a producer's credit and 20% of net profits... hmu

The Wormhole responded on 09/17/2013

Well our sound engineer, Jeff, really LOVES recording. So I'm very sure that he will help you out. His email is A partnership deal on the album's earnings is certainly not out of the question.

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